Victor Protodyakonov
    Guitarist & Educator


    Victor  Protodyakonov  is  guitarist, clinician  and  jazz  educator. He  has organized  a  series of  jazz  concerts at  Udmurt  State Philharmony. There he  performed  together with  leading  Russian jazz musicians: David  Goloschokin, Alexander Serov, Serge Hutas, Eugene Boretz and others. There he played  also with foreign artists:Bill Skeat (Great Britain) and Alexander Fisher  (Austria).

   He  became a Member of IAJE (International Association for Jazz  for Education)  and  did clinics at  annual IAJE  Conference in New York in 1998  with  clinics “The Way  from Charlie Christian to John Scofield”.

   In  2006  he was visiting Fulbright  Scholar at  JCCC (Johnson County Community College), KS. He  has recorded  his  album as  a  leader - “Victor  Protodyakonov  and KC  Connection”  with  American  jazzmen Paul Smith(piano), Steve  Rigazzi(double bass) and Tim  Cambrone (drums) and played  in Kansas City local  jazz clubs. Victor  recorded  also DVD  concert with one of the best  KC guitarists  Danny Embrey and bass player Steve Rigazzi.  He  collaborated with  composer and pianist Mike Moreland.

   Victor  currently is teaching in  School  of  Music in Izhevsk,  Russia.


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