Victor Protodyakonov
Guitarist & Educator

    Victor Protodyakonov and his K.C. Connection 2006
1. Blues For Newport mp3:128kbps(1.2 mb) 64kbps (560 kb)
2. Good Friends mp3:128kbps(1.6 mb) 64kbps(800 kb)
3. A Child Is Born mp3:128kbps(1.4 mb) 64kbps (680 kb)
4. Can't buy Me Love mp3:128kbps(1.3 mb) 64kbps (680 kb)
5. Blue Monk mp3:128kbps(1.4 mb) 64kbps(630 kb)
6. Nardis mp3:128kbps(2.3 mb) 64kbps(1.2 kb)
7. My One & Only Love mp3:128kbps(1.3 mb) 64kbps (649 kb)
8. The Jody Grind mp3:128kbps(1.3 mb) 64kbps (624 kb)
9. The Night Has A Thousand Eyes mp3:128kbps(1.6 mb) 64kbps (766 kb)
10. There Is No Greater Love mp3:128kbps(1.0 mb) 64kbps (475 kb)

Victor Protodyakonov - guitar
Paul Smith- piano
Steve Rigazzi - double bass
Tim Cambrone - drums

I would like to thank my good friends Carolyn Kadel, Doreen Morande, Bill Crain, Susan Geib, Sheilah Philip and fabulous musicians Paul Smith, Steve Rigazzi, Tim Cambrone and others.
Victor Protodyakonov.

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